Dress and Gown Design Services

Custom Dress Design

There's no need to leave Central Oregon when you're trying to find the perfect dress. Let your imagination run wild. We have Oregon's "Best Dress Designer" outside of Portland here to make sure you leave your guests speechless as they watch you walking down the aisle on your wedding day. There's no other bride like you, so you deserve a wedding dress that's as unique as you are.

Oregon Bride Best of 2017 - Best Dress Designer


Bridal Stylist/Design Consultant

Brittany is our Fashion Expert and Designer. She has a Bachelor’s degree from The Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Oregon. She worked in various bridal shops to put herself through college, where she gained her expertise in the field of bridal and fashion. Her background in purchasing, sales and fashion will surely offer you the highest level of expertise to design the perfect look for your very special day.

"Thank you Brittany for your great customer service, I felt confident and like a princess in my dress."
Tammie B. ~ Bend, OR

Dress Alterations

20 years of wedding and formal wear sewing experience

Sewing/Alterations Services:

Alterations on wedding gowns, formal wear, suits, pants, jackets, dresses and more!
Garment Customization and Re-design

Si Habla Espanol

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alin0518
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alterations.and.designs.alin

Website: https://alterationsbyalin.com/

Studio phone - 541-330-9584
Cell - 541-306-9418


Bridal Suite Disclaimer:  All alterations and sewing are performed by an independent seamstress; Alin Gonzales of Alterations and Designs by Alin. The Bridal Suite highly recommends Alterations and Designs by Alin. However will be held harmless for any sewing inaccuracies or issues regarding seamstress services. Thank you.

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Alin - Alterations and Designs

Gown Preservation

Your Gown is an Everlasting Memory

Make sure your wedding gown stays beautiful for years to come. Our Wedding Gown Preservation service is quick and easy. Call or stop by our dress shop to learn more.

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has specialized in gown preservation for over 100 years and has built a trusted name among brides for many generations.

Preservation Lines

Traditional Line $250 - Bridal Suite Brides pay $200
Celebrity Line $350 - Bridal Suite Brides pay $300 (gowns containing silk or natural fabrics must choose the Celebrity Line)
Both lines include up to 5 accessories at no extra charge (see store for types of accessory you may include)
Repairs, additional insurance and additional services such as printing will incur an extra charge

  • prepaid gown cleaning and preservation chest
  • outside shipping container
  • $500 declared value
  • 100 year certificate guarantee
  • prepaid shipping both ways

  • prepaid gown cleaning and preservation chest
  • outside shipping container
  • $500 declared value
  • 100 year certificate guarantee
  • prepaid shipping both ways
  • silver preservation chest
  • $1,000 additional declared value
  • hand pressing
Bend Oregon Wedding Gown Preservation
Wedding gown preservation

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about sending my expensive wedding gown off in the mail but the service, control and end result have been superb!