Every day our brides and grooms ask our opinion about the best skincare products to give them beautiful skin for their special day! We have always recommended L'Occitane! This amazing company works hard to give the world high quality products made of natural ingredients and sourced as sustainably as possible.

Brittany is now a consultant for MyL'Occitane*! Follow this link to shop! You can also book a private consultation at The Bridal Suite where she will review your skincare needs and show you products in person! Schedule direct with Brittany (see below) or contact The Bridal Suite to book. Each guest attending the consultation will receive a goodie bag of free samples!

"For years I’ve been complimented on my skin and asked about my routine. Now I can finally share it with everyone instead of only talking about it! Using products with organic ingredients of the highest quality and sourced as sustainably as possible is so important to me, and I love knowing that L’Occitane is committed to that! L’Occitane has made it so easy for me to achieve baby-fresh skin and I cannot wait to help you discover your own effortless skin care routine!" - Brittany

Text | 541.948.9348
Email | brittany.loccitane@gmail.com
Instagram | @BrittPShunk.MyLocci

* The Bridal Suite is not affiliated with L'Occitane and is not a L'Occitane retailer. Please visit Brittany's MyL'Occitane website for products.